What are the Project Ready Programs?

Our programs have been created for institutions and individuals looking to strengthen their voice and awaken their power to increase and protect educational opportunities in their community. Our programs will offer opportunities for all to become stronger education organizers, community leaders and informed voters.

Ready to Educate

We facilitate the on-going connection and best practice sharing between communities within the city across the state of New Jersey to further the development of individual civic growth.

Ready to Vote

The way to build long term power for the community members we serve is to identify the core constituency of voters aligned to our mission and foster amongst that group a culture of voting that makes them far more likely to vote in low turnout elections and starts to close the turnout gap between traditionally underserved communities and more affluent, neighboring communities.

Ready to Organize

Our program will support the growth and development of organizers and school administrators ability to build and implement a culture of advocacy as well as to generate new ways of building long term and sustainable advocacy strength throughout their respective networks.

Ready to Lead

In order to achieve education equity for a community, as it is defined by its community, requires fearless and innovative leadership. Our Ready to Lead Fellowship will lower the barriers for fellows looking to run for office or progress as a local political leader. Fellows will have an opportunity to gain real-time experience in planning. leading and challenging the status quo of current education policies and structures.