What is Project Ready?

Project Ready provides the Newark community with a platform to engage in actions that secure and protect high-quality education. We believe Newark is at a critical moment, where we have regained local control of our schools. If we’re going to continue to move forward as a city, we need families engaged in decision-making when it comes to our schools.


We see a world where no community is left voiceless. Every parent, guardian and student is civically educated, and thereby powered to overhaul systems and policies in place that limit educational opportunities.


Project Ready will amplify voices city-wide through a series of community- ed campaigns and educational advocacy initiative.

Shennell McCloud

Executive Director

Our Executive Director is Shennell McCloud. As a native and resident of Newark, NJ, Shennell McCloud has successfully channeled her experiences to become not only an advocate, but social activist toward the elimination of poverty and the promotion of quality education.

For six  years, she successfully mobilized hundreds of volunteers, social activist groups, and local businesses to create a bridge of optimism between these groups and thousands of homeless individuals throughout Essex County. Through this initiative, Through Future Eyes (TFE) was founded. In 2006, Through Future Eyes hosted its first annual homeless initiative which provided food, clothing, and toys to over 200 people in need in Newark, NJ. Since then, TFE provided clothing and shoes to over 1,000 people in the Newark, NJ area alone.

Shennell McCloud joined KIPP NJ in 2008. For seven years, she supported and directed recruitment for the KIPP Schools in Newark, NJ. Shennell officially became Director of Recruitment in 2011 where she led and developed a team of seven recruiters. The team was responsible for the recruitment and selection of over 300+ employees. In July of 2014, Shennell became KIPP NJ’s Director of Advocacy.

While directing advocacy, her accomplishments include founding and running one of the most successful parent-led programs in the state–the New Jersey Parent Summit–as well as numerous grassroots programs to elevate the voices of Newark families in the education conversation. She is a parent to two young children, and resides with her husband in Newark.